New Belize retreats & Yoga Teacher Certification in 2019!

We have an amazing 2019 planned and I just wanted to tell you about it..

Partnering up with amazing and talented people is absolutely essential and we have been very lucky to connect with some of our new Yoga Instructors: Marsha Adams & Ariel Camporeale!

Marsha & Ariel will provide some ground breaking yoga retreats with a few Yoga Teacher Certification Courses led by Marsha - who also specializes in Stand Up Paddle Yoga sessions.

  • Look for Marsha's retreats listed on our website - they're available!
  • Also look for Ariel's retreat at Rancho Santana - it just went live today!

We're always looking for phenomenal yoga instructors, so if you are certified and have what it takes to host global retreat with us at our world class properties, just drop us a line.

Coupling with the above, we will always offer Private Cooking & Photography Classes with Chef Patrick & World Class photographer Sandra Dahdah.

 We cannot wait to see what 2019 has in store for us.. 

Come join us! 

Until next time.. Be well!

- Taste of Travel Team